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By 2021, it had been abandoned for a total of 10 years, and it finally was listed for $8.5 million. On the real estate listing, they promise to demolish the house as soon as there is a new owner. In May of 2021, it was announced that he found a new buyer. All that remains of the once beautiful Ha Ha Tonka Mansion. Here are six abandoned historic homes for sale that you can buy right now. Located in the quaint town of Milton, North Carolina, the Gordon-Brandon House was possibly built circa 1850 by a local. What was once Red House Drive is now Tuddenham Road. As the owner's fortunes waned over the years, the estate began to fall – firstly for a new cemetery in 1854, then to Felixstowe Railway in 1877 and finally the Ipswich Bypass in 1932. The land was sold for housing and, bit by bit, The Red House and its estate were swallowed up and abandoned.
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